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SoundLib3 beta 2
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About SoundLib3

SoundLib3 is an object oriented library for mixing and playing back sounds and music within programs. Its main goal is simplicity, withouth restricting access to advanced functions. This allows fast training and fast productive usage, while still being easy to use -- which reduces costs!
Target group are game developments as well as other programs requiring music playback or multiple sound playback. SoundLib is also suited for format conversions, it allows converting various formats to WAVe and to convert multichannel formats to other multichannel formats.

Targets: Win32 (Delphi, Lazarus, MSVC++)

  • Easy to learn object oriented interface (OOP)
  • Plays WAV, OGG, FLAC, MOD/NST/WOW, S3M und XM files
  • Output: DirectX, WaveOut, OpenAL (not this beta)
  • 3D positioning of sound sources, Doppler effect
  • User streams and user samples possible
  • Switching of Interface, sound card und playback format on-the-fly
  • Fast 32 bits mixer, theoretically unlimited channels
  • Output with 8, 16 and 24 bits possible
  • Output formats: Mono, Stereo, Surround (Dolby Pro Logic [II] compatible), Multichannel (5.1 bis 7.1)
  • Automatic frequency adaption (Interpolation, volume ramping)
  • Pitch control, Looping
  • Comprehensive XML based help file
New compared to beta 1:
  • FLAC audio file support
  • Access to mixer output and audio device output
  • Access to sound channel mapping
  • Audio streaming from user applications
  • Heavy improvements on C++ side (type safe implementation), C++ examples included
  • Improved silent output (null device for disk writing), supports multichannel output
  • Some functions and variables overhauled for easier understanding
  • Playback improvements under Vista
  • Cleaning up reduced DLL size dramatically (< 90K vs. 180k)
  • Bugfixes and improvements
  • More examples, also for Lazarus
  • Many improvements on manual
Improvements over version 2.5a:
  • 3D sound positioning
  • HTML help file
  • C++ support
  • FLAC and OGG support
  • Multichannel playback and of multichannel files (OGG, FLAC, WAV)
  • Multichannel playback (instead of Stereo) of MOD files (MOD/WOW/NST, S3M, XM)
  • Heavily improved class model, more simple initialization
  • Multichannel samples
  • Cubic interpolation
  • New buffering system for seamless playback
  • Many bug fixes und improvements (the most tested SoundLib release ever!)
Minimal requirements:
  • Windows 95
  • DirectSound 8 or WaveOut (possibly every Windows version)
  • CPU with 500 MHz (considering functionality of the rest of your software)
  • Sound card mit 16 bits Playback (even Soundblaster 16 works)
  • Delphi 5, Lazarus (Free Pascal) or Microsoft Visual C++ 6+ (others possible, but untested)
Additional download includes experimental MOD player. This one will be soon available as "real" plugin and plays these formats: MOD, S3M, XM, IT, BRT, MT2, IMF, DMF, STM, 669, OKT, MTM, WOW, MID, MIDI, RMI.

download/sourcecode/sl3.rar SoundLib 3 (1.81 M)
download/sourcecode/libbrt.rar Experimental MOD player (libbrt) (520 K)

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