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SoundLib 2.5a
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Most recent version is SoundLib3. This release is obsolete and should only be used if the DOS platform is required.

What is SoundLib 2?

SoundLib 2 is a multi-platform 32 bits sound- and music playback and mixing library with OOP model. While this library incorporates quite complex techniques, it tries to offer an easy to use API that doesn't load every single aspect upon the user.
The target group are games as well as programs requiring music playback or the possibility playing more than one sound at a time.

Targets: DOS (Free Pascal 1.0.10/1.9, BP7)

News in this version:
  • Volume ramping to reduce clicking in MOD playback
  • Massively improved MOD/S3M/XM playback
  • Support added for old Soundtracker 15 instrument MODs, WOW-format (Grave composer) supported
  • Cubic interpolation for downsampling
  • ASM mixer support for FPC, Delphi (only linear interpolation, no volume ramping)
  • Plays WAV, VOC, RAW, MOD/NST/WOW, S3M and XM files
  • Supports Sound Blaster (DOS)
  • fast 32 bits mixing, theoretically unlimited channels
  • Playback with 8, 16 and 24 bits possible
  • Output formats: Mono, Stereo, Dolby Surround
  • automatic samplerate conversion (interpolation, volume ramping)
  • pitch control, looping
Projects, units and other things developed for or with SL2:
  • Squash - Library system for stream32 (useable under DOS in GX2 and SoundLib 2) [Download] [Link]
  • Jornada - Zelda-like adventure (Spanish and English) [Download] [Link]
Using DirectSound (currently for Delphi only) requires additional DirectX header files, available here:

download/sourcecode/sl25.rar SoundLib 2 (627 K)

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