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Here a part out of my personal Module-library. I tried to find the IMHO best songs I have. Read the description and decide yourself whether to download or not.
I think, it's a good source to find some tracks for your games...
It needs to be mentioned, that still the copyright of the corresponding composer applies. Such information is often to be found in the instrument descriptions.

Attention! Alles files were compressed using WinRAR!

Title Comment Style FMT D/L
4mat's madnessGood track, half chiptuneMOD/ChiptuneMOD[DL] (65K)
808 OverdriveGood to use with action scenesDrum'n'BassXM[DL] (504K)
Acoustical Blues!Blues Track, well doneBluesS3M[DL] (150K)
Ambient interludeVery good background trackAmbientS3M[DL] (101K)
AryxBy Karsten Koch; well knownChiptuneS3M[DL] (8K)
AstarisBy Karsten Koch; sounds very sphericElectronicXM[DL] (887K)
BalthasarVery nice background trackDrum''BassMOD[DL] (159K)
Back to BasicsQuite playful, but goodPopS3M[DL] (33K)
Beat this beatAn interesting guitar sample that builds up the whole songPopS3M[DL] (121K)
Beyond musicThe title says it. Typical MOD styleAmbientMOD[DL] (229K)
Beyond...Pleasant background trackAmbientMOD[DL] (89K)
BladeraverEarly techno track; Old school!TechnoMOD[DL] (88K)
Blue ValleyKarsten Koch; pretty long and just good!ElectronicS3M[DL] (230K)
Boesendorfer P.S.SYou won't believe how good a MOD may sound!InstrumentalMOD[DL] (94K)
Space hulk I: captured sunTypical MOD trackElectronicS3M[DL] (184K)
CarrotPopS3M[DL] (84K)
Catch that goblin!Great! Close your eyes and imagine what happens!InstrumentalS3M[DL] (296K)
OrbitDemotrack of Crystal Dreams (Triton)DanceMOD[DL] (136K)
ChapellPerfect Old-Trance-Style Track! Good drum loops and melodyTranceMOD[DL] (171K)
Chiccy jazzVery good Jazz track, good for backgroundJazzMOD[DL] (247K)
Cigarette Smoke20's MusicJazzMOD[DL] (141K)
CivilianBy Reed/Fairlight; well doneChiptuneXM[DL] (9K)
Cloud travellerElectronicMOD[DL] (39K)
CollageGreat guitar track of the Music Disk "Progression" (see end of page)AcousticS3M[DL] (313K)
Collapse HouseGroovy background trackHouseS3M[DL] (88K)
Cosmic outflowSpheric, moving soundElectronicXM[DL] (443K)
Chronologie Pt 4Karsten Koch, original by John Michelle JarreElectronicS3M[DL] (321K)
The CrossingAnother good guitar track of "Progression"AcousticS3M[DL] (299K)
Crystal Dreams II soundtrackAll 3 great Tracks of the CD II demo - some of the best demo tracks ever!DemoMOD[DL] (410K)
Dansze mucykaReed/Fairlight; surprising what fits into 64KFunkXM[DL] (25K)
Destination: GoatlandOf same named demo, futuristicElectronicXM[DL] (424K)
Disco del copstationReed/Fairlight; 70's style funk trackFunkXM[DL] (611K)
Distance...Great guitar trackAcousticS3M[DL] (226K)
ElysiumOne of my best MOD'sMODMOD[DL] (80K)
Fortified 1Karsten Koch; Title of the same named gameElectronicMOD[DL] (138K)
Fortified 2Karsten Koch; even a bit betterElectronicMOD[DL] (150K)
Fruit of the LoomOf the same named demoTechnoMOD[DL] (62K)
GummisnoppisPlayful MODMODMOD[DL] (82K)
Head onJazzy background trackJazzXM[DL] (301K)
Imploder RemixReed/Fairlight; Remix of the song of the Imploder-ToolElectronicXM[DL] (16K)
Jupiters OrbitKarsten Koch; excellent as alwaysElectronicS3M[DL] (18K)
Emerald visionsGood, but sad trackAcousticS3M[DL] (235K)
The blue hippoMelodic background trackElectronicS3M[DL] (143K)
More than meets the mindExcellent trance trackTranceS3M[DL] (150K)
Rhythm seclusionAnother good melodic background trackElectronicS3M[DL] (309K)
Chiba CityModified by SirioTranceS3M[DL] (168K)
LibertinOf the Demo Hex Appeal by Cascada; brilliant!DemoMOD[DL] (122K)
Liquorice lobotomyShort but good; nice style mixDrum'n'BassXM[DL] (532K)
Lotus IIISoundtrack of the same named Amiga gameMODMOD[DL] (44K)
Magic MusicNice background trackMODMOD[DL] (13K)
NimbusQuite club capableTranceXM[DL] (470K)
Neverending StoryRemake of original (Limahl) by Lizardking/TritonPopXM[DL] (133K)
Plastic NudityGood track, but I don't get the point ;)Pop/FunkXM[DL] (398K)
Point of departurePerfect Drumtrack! Hear loud!Drum'n'BassS3M[DL] (237K)
Ridge 1Karsten Koch; Intro of same named gameElectronicMOD[DL] (58K)
Ridge 3Karsten Koch; good background trackElectronicMOD[DL] (70K)
rsi-furzogueUses samples of "Vogue" by Madonnas; totally re-styled!ElectronicMOD[DL] (103K)
Red Sector ThemeGreat track... also hearable in "Facts of Life" by WitanElectronicMOD[DL] (130K)
Simply addictive IIGood samples and melodyMODMOD[DL] (157K)
Street JungleWell done for just 4 channelsMODMOD[DL] (91K)
StarshineClose your eyes and just listen...ElectronicS3M[DL] (173K)
Trans atlanticLast Track of Crystal Dreams II Demo by TritonDemoMOD[DL] (171K)
TraumaTrance, good for gamesTranceMOD[DL] (66K)
Don't you want meQualitatively good remake of the 90' originals by FelixTechnoMOD[DL] (61K)
Wit downBrilliant, smooth trackElectronicXM[DL] (323K)

Music Disks

Group / Title Comment Format D/L
Five Musicans - ProgressiveRealistic sounding guitars, impressive drumtracks, high quality samples, combined with the best usage of them I've ever heard!S3M [DL] (1740K)

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