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GX2 has officially been discontinued! This unit won't be developed anymore. Partially thanks to MS, since DOS emulation under W2k/XP is buggy.
Additionally, I refuse to give any help that requires example code.

  • 1 Meg, Hicolor and/or Truecolor capable GFX card. 486 machine or above recommended!
  • BP7, _NOT_TP7_ (you NEED DPMI)
  • DOS, W9x - works partially under W2k/XP, with heavy memory usage unstable

A new help file is now included in GX2. I hope it'll help everybody to understand the unit. However, I recommend more than only a small pascal knowledge for this unit.
If you can't use GX2 because of one of the stated reasons, have a look to the left, my old GX-units are still available.

News in this version:
  • Bugfixes, bugsfixes, bugfixes...
  • Have a look into doc/history.txt to see more details
Here a list of the current features GX2 provides:
  • Full 32 bit capabilities, LFB/Vesa2+ support, NO 64K LIMIT!!
  • handles even very large images - largest tested one was a 4200x2966 JPEG loaded at 32 bpp (47.5 Megs memory size!!)
  • Flexible object oriented interface, allows virtual screens at every supported BPP and every size (memory is the limit)
  • Object oriented mouse unit, supports also virtual screens as output, hardware mouse support, more than one mouse useable
  • Supports EVERY resolution supported by your card
  • Source independent file reading/writing (load/save your images, fonts etc. from/to disk/memory/libraries - whatever you want!!)
  • extremely accurate CPU-timestamp based timer unit
  • Extended image/shape drawing (converts color resolutions by fly, addition, subtraction, alphamapping, xor/and/or, sprites, dither)
  • 63 included XFN-fonts! 26 of them are converted SMFonts by Remco de Korte, 10 of them are converted Borland CHR-fonts, rest are bitmap fonts
  • Supports Windows TTF font files
  • MMX capabilities, asm optimized code - especially 24 and 32 bit modes are accelerated this way, also some other things with 8/15/16 bpp work with MMX, 64 Bit memory moving/filling - get all out of your AGP-card!
  • Antialiased line-, vectorfont-, circle- and ellipse-drawing
  • Various FAST effects (rotation, blurring, fading, alphablending, upscaling)
  • Full clipping of ALL functions
  • Printing on HP/Epson compatible printers
GX2 is able to load AND SAVE the following file formats:
  • BMP (all uncompressed files)
  • GIF
  • JPG (all kinds, needs extra download, see right)
  • PCX (8,24 bit - extremely fast decompression)
  • PNG (all kinds below and equal to 32 bpp)
  • FLI/FLC (FLIC animation files, 8 bit, only playback!)

Additional demos for GX2:

  • Lensflare effect, combined with sunset (requires jpg-extension!) - [Download] (280K)
  • Bumpmapping effect, Tunnel effect and Fern fractal - [Download] (300K)

Projects, units and other things developed for or with GX2:

download/sourcecode/gx2c.rar GX2 c (1.24 M)
download/sourcecode/gx2jpeg.rar JPEG extension (173 K)
download/sourcecode/gx2jpeg.rar GX2 patch 1.01 (not offically supported, as not written by Author of GX2; speeds up some procedures) (173 K)

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