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GrafX 1.4
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GX 1.4 has officially been discontinued! This unit won't be developed anymore.
Additionally, I refuse to give any help that requires example code.

What should I say? Good, fast, universal...
GrafX is a unit for Vesa-cards with support of 8-bit and HiColor modes beginning from 320x200 up to 1200x1600.
Compiles with TP/BP7. NOT TP6!
Does entirely work under every actual DOS or Windows operating system.

Here some features:

  • 80.66643% syntax compatible with graph ;)
  • enhanced imaging procedures (scaling, v/hline, single image line putting, sprites, find similar colors etc...)
  • fast (partially 386 asm if needed)
  • support for bitmap fonts (26 included)
  • text input in graphical modes
  • runs also under Protected Mode
  • Loaders for PCX, BMP, PNG, IFF/LBM and Player for FLC included

You also get a mouseunit, which supports:

  • normal AND ANIMATED cursors (both windows format)
  • direct hardware access, if no mousedriver present (only MS-compatible com-mouse)

The JPEG-loader available for GX2 will also work here. The unit "jpegunit.pas", delivered with GrafX 1.4, represents the jpeg interface unit. Please refer "grafx.txt" for more information about how to use it.

download/sourcecode/grafx14.rar Grafx 1.4 (234 K)
download/sourcecode/gx2jpeg.rar JPEG extension (173 K)

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