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Tetris II
Tetris I
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Some of my software projects are visible here. Those ones of which I think which are worth to be shown. If they use any GFX and sound, they are almost in all cases based upon my OWN units (not so with sound in Tetris I). Please don't ask me for the source. If it's not delivered, you won't see it ever in your life ;)
It is prohibited to set direct links to these files!

Tetris II (V 0.98)
Tetris II start screen
Tetris II start screen
Tetris II menu
Tetris II menu
Tetris II game
Tetris II game
Tetris II about scroller
Tetris II about scroller

Finally, the successor of my already very old Tetris I! HiColor GFX and CD Quality sound instead of 256 colors and mono Adlib. Alot of sound tracks in XM and S3M format are included, sound FX are also waiting for you! Very good keyboard handling, easy gameplay and network multiplaying make this Tetris a a piece of fun!

Comments from other people:
"Pretty good GFX, what I expected from you" (Johannes Bollmann)
"Don't you have anything else to do in your village??" (Sebastian Tippelt)
"Hey, your Tetris is cool... totally colored... really funny!" (Konrad Strulik)
"Must have been pretty boring the last months, eh?!" (Björn Sagwitz)
"You can't squeeze out more out of that old Tetris concept!" (Arno Fleck)
"That thing even got it to RESPECT!" (Arwed Kubisch)

DOS system requirements:

  • 133 Mhz machine (recommended: 300 Mhz MMX for CD Q music playback)
  • 16 MByte of RAM
  • fast 1 MB Vesa 1.2 GFX card (recommended: 2 MB Vesa 2)
  • Sound Blaster 2.0 (recommended: SB 16), Windows Sound System or compatible
  • IPX network for multiplayer games

DosBox system requirements:

  • 2 GHz machine

Please see this more as "technology demonstration" for my libraries than as the full representation of my abilities. I'm sorry for that I can't offer more at the moment...

download/software/tetris2.exe Tetris II (11.28 M)

Tetris I
Tetris I screenshot
Tetris I screenshot

Yeah! Back in 1997 I was really proud of this game. It was pretty fast and it even had sound (through Adlib). Written with my first own GFX unit, GX 1.x. To be honest, this game was the only reason why I completed GX1!
One big disadvantage is the crappy control of the Tetris stones. Compare it with Tetris II and you'll know what I mean.

System requirements:

  • 33 Mhz 486 machine (recommended: 66 Mhz)
  • 512 KB Vesa 1.0 GFX card
  • Adlib or Soundblaster or compatible

download/software/tetris1.exe Tetris I (142 K)

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