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::Purchase SoundLib3 license
As soon as your product is at the point of publishing, you need a license for SoundLib3. 

Non-commercial License (applies to all software given away for free, which is also without further charges)
- Include SoundLib banner or usage notice on visible place
- Tell us that you use SoundLib (it's good to see that the work on SL is not for "nothing")

Shareware License (applies to one title sold as "Shareware")
- 50 Euro
- Include SoundLib banner or usage notice on visible place

Single Commercial License (applies to only one title; no predecessors or successors)
- 500 Euro
- Banners/Notice optional

Unlimited Commercial License (applies to all software packackes from one company)
- 1500 Euro
- Banners/Notice optional

All licenses are per product branch. If you buy a license for version 3.x, it won't cover the
upgrade to version 4.x. However, cost reduced upgrades will be offered in such cases.

A license applies to the platform (Windows, Mac, etc) you paid for. However, there will be a 
discount if you buy a license for an additional platform.

You are free to use SoundLib3 for testing purposes until your product is ready for the market. 
Reselling your license is not allowed. Licensing your product which uses SoundLib to others is not 
allowed, your licensees need to have their own SoundLib license (contact us if you have a 
problem with this; there may be other solutions).

::Source code
It is possible to obtain the SoundLib source code for your own adaptions. Source code is only
given away under NDA and not for free. Contact us for further details.


Send a mail About this site